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    Choose the Perfect Bar Stools Based on the Bar Height of Your Home

    Finding the Right Bar Stools for Your Bar Height - Online Selection

    Stools that are ideal for a standard height bar are ideal for those elevated dining experiences at the bar or home bar. Our online selection offers Australia-wide delivery, bringing the perfect style to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane homes. These stools suit the bar height of 105-110cm tall and create a seamless look in various areas.

    Stools of a standard counter height can be the ideal choice for the kitchen counter and other bench or dining settings. Counter height stools will work flawlessly with a counter that measures 90-95cm in height. The curated range of products is tailored to various styles and areas in the home. Whether it's the bar or kitchen, we've got the stools that will complement your space, delivered right to your doorstep across Australia.