How To Style Boucle Bar Stools

With their textural intrigue and contemporary chic aesthetic, boucle bar stools bring a balance of comfort and style to any space. Their unique aesthetic combines well with a variety of design themes, from minimalist and modern to industrial and rustic.

Whilst upholstered bar stools are usually more prone to wear and tear, boucle is a highly durable material to ensure it lasts your home for years to come! It is both stain resistant and easy to clean, making it the perfect material to add to a kitchen or bar space.

We know how difficult it can be to style textured fabrics, so we’ve put our heads together to give you our best tips on how to style boucle bar stools to elevate your home.


Complement the Texture

The woolly, nubbly texture of Boucle fabric needs to strike a balance with the rest of the textures in your space. This can be achieved by pairing your boucle bar stools with surfaces that contrast their distinctive texture. Think of styling them with a sleek glass table, smooth marble countertops, or incorporating shiny metal accents to lend an element of modern sophistication.

Play with Colour

Boucle is often associated with creamy, neutral hues which are forever timeless and will suit most interior styles. However, darker shades like charcoal and chocolate can create eye-catching focal points against lighter backdrops. If you're feeling bold, consider styling with earthy tones like olive or burnt orange to introduce a quirky, eclectic vibe to your space.


Strategic Lighting

The magic of boucle fabric lies in its tactile, three-dimensional look that is best highlighted under the perfect lighting. Consider hanging pendant lights near or over your boucle bar stools to accentuate their texture and form. The intimacy of this setting particularly suits spaces like a kitchen island or a cosy breakfast nook.

To be Bold or Understated

Whilst boucle bar stools can certainly make a statement, there are also various understated options for those looking to add subtle yet stylish functionality into their space. For an understated look, consider a stool with a simple form, monochromatic colourway, or backless design. Alternatively, make a statement with visually interesting designs, larger forms with backrests and armrests, and brighter colours.


Boucle bar stools, with their inviting texture and versatile appeal, are more than just seating options. They can serve as focal points in your interior décor, exuding style, charm, and comfort. Use these tips as a starting point for your design journey, and watch your spaces transform!